Cesur for investment and strategic support

Cesur Company was established to bring together a group of experts in the fields of supporting entrepreneurship, investment and operation, as well as property management and real estate investment

strength point

leading businesses

The owner of the idea is looking for a financier And the money owner is looking for a pioneering idea And they meet in our offices, we provide public service, advice and effort to develop entrepreneurial creative thought in our societies.

Real Estate

Whatever your goal in investing in the real estate sector, you will reach our offices

Property Management

The real estate investor needs the expert’s eye to raise the owner’s returns from his real estate


We specialize in preparing economic feasibility studies through a team consisting of economists, accountants and engineers. We provide services to prepare economic feasibility studies - experts accredited to government agencies


Stalled projects may not be losing, but need management

Governmental support and grants

Experts in the field of suspense, government support and various business incubators can recover your invested capital up to 90%

About Cesur

Explore new and emerging opportunities in the business world

Maintaining customers by introducing new and useful ones

Jusoor provides many management consultancies in various administrative fields to its clients, with a distinguished team of experts and consultants with high experience and provides its work based on innovation and basic values by focusing on the customer and understanding his needs and on this we provide solutions that are distinguished by their effective results that respond to the challenges and special needs of each customer And therefore we offer our services to be effective solutions to achieve continuous improvements in our world today and always changing

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